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From the smiley, happy rave floorfillers of Lee Willows’ youth we see the dance trend continue as Rob Hill, Sales Director at Kossway Autos crosses the light-up dancefloor Tony Monero style. Bridging the gap between the deep husky tones of Lee Marvin and the falsetto of family Gibb, this selection somehow marries Night Fever, Benny Hill’s Christmas number one and the former owner of Watford F.C.

Rob began his career as an insurance broker and, following the sale of his own company, embarked on a change of direction in life to be part of an exciting industry – he’s not looked back since. Joining Kossway Autos 20 years ago, Rob has worked his way up from Area Manager in pubs and clubs to the company’s Sales Director providing Kossway’s full product range of gaming and amusement machines, CCTV and more to a diverse range of customers up and down the country.

First song you remember hearing?

Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkin. I was a cantankerous five- year-old and would end up having temper tantrums whenever my older sisters watched Top of the Pops and this song seems to stand out as one I heard before having to be removed from the room.

Song from your teenage years?

The Bee Gees’ Saturday Night Fever. I’d just seen the film at the cinema and went to buy the LP at our local off licence, it was a big white, double album but I never managed to buy the white suit to go with it.

First single ever bought?

This is where it starts to get embarrassing, my first single was Wandering Star by Lee Marvin, oh dear. It was either that or Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)!

First album ever bought?

I was an Abba maniac at school and bought most of their albums. I got lots of stick at school for being into them but at a recent school reunion a few people admitted they were closet Abba fans back then too, I was just the only one who was honest enough to wear it with pride.

Song you sing to in the shower?

I am terrible at singing, so luckily for your sakes, you’d never enjoy the pleasure of listening to me.

Song that makes you want to dance?

I dance as well as I can sing, so next question please.

Song which you can no longer stand?

Anything by The Smiths. I always hated them, it was just way too depressing. Girlfriend In A Coma, what’s that all about?

Song that is a guilty pleasure?

I suppose I could say Abba but I’ll go with the Radio 5 travel jingle as I spend most of my life on the M25.

Song you want played at your funeral?

Summertime by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. I love summer and it’s just such a fantastic track, I don’t need any other reason than that do I?

Last song you heard before now?

I was driving to work today and lost the signal to Radio 5Live in the fog so had to switch to FM where Radio 2 was playing Elton John’s Rocketman. Now, as a Luton fan it’s hard to admit it but I actually quite like the song despite the singer’s affiliation with a certain club.

First song you paid for on a jukebox?

This one goes all the way back to school youth club days and I remember selecting Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Baby. I think it’s clear why someone of my age would be putting on a track like this at a youth club so I don’t need to give you too much detail but I’m glad my first jukebox pick was disco!

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