Think globally, act locally, says Cummins Allison

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Cummins Allison sales manager Paul Clay talks to Coinslot about the regional market prospects and Cummins upcoming showing in Ireland.

Paul Clay: “This year Cummins Allison will be displaying a number of their cash handling solutions – JetSort LX,JetScan iFX i400 and JetScan 150.”

CS: Are there any products, or product types that you see doing particularly well in the Irish market specifically?

PC: “The JetScan 150 is a very popular machine. It’s additional compartment enables tickets to be separated from banknotes, in an uninterrupted process which improves productivity and decreases processing errors.
“This additional compartment is what makes the JetScan 150 stand out by offering additional capabilities from a one-compartment machine without the added expense of moving up to a full two-compartment machine.
“With advanced counterfeit detection capabilities and processing speeds of up to 940 mixed notes per minute, the JetScan 150 enables you to cash up quicker and more accurately than with any form of manual counting. Also, the JetScan 150 can be connected to our JetSort range of coin sorters, meaning you can process notes, tickets and coins easier than ever before. Print summaries or detailed reports and connect to industry-standard software to make the whole process quick and trouble-free allowing you to spend more time focusing on customer relationships and improving operations.”

CS: How important is it that the Irish Gaming Show presents a chance to meet face to face with regional clients?

PC: “Having the opportunity to talk to existing and potential customers is very important to Cummins Allison. Having face to face conversations enables us to identify any cash handling issues that regional clients may be experiencing and help them find the correct machine to address the problem.
“Cummins Allison is a global-leader in cash handling solutions – our cutting-edge technology, combined with excellent customer service and support means we can design a comprehensive solution for you that meet all your business needs.”

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