Reflex Gaming showcase new content to ICE’s omni-channel audience

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Reflex Gaming returned to ICE this year to exhibit its latest omni-channel slots to an audience of pub, AGC, casino and online operators, with chief product officer Mat Ingram putting forward a case for quality over quantity on the show floor.

One of the few independent UK manufacturers to offer games to both online and land-based operators, Reflex Gaming has positioned itself well to grow its carefully curated brand across the entire industry player base. This harmony between the company’s launches has earned a loyalty from players, who are able to play their favourite games both online and on the high street.
“We’ve synchronised our development rails for online and land-based – we don’t take all the land-based games online but we do a small collection of them that we know will perform well in that format,” explained Ingram.“Occasionally I do an online exclusive,but then both times I’ve done that I’ve brought the game back to the land-based markets,which has worked really well so far.”
The company’s omni-channel presence has been further amplified by a focus on quality rather than quantity, which Ingram believes delivers the best results for both Reflex Gaming and operators.
“We have a clear roadmap of content for the year,which will include 6 or 8 games going online,”Ingram continued. “It’s not about how many we put out,I’d rather hand craft each game and get them right so we have great content that per- forms well,both in land-based and online.”
The next game Reflex Gaming will be putting online is Volcano, a game that has been a crowd favourite on Britain’s high street, and one that Ingram believes will continue its popularity online.
“We’re expecting great things from Volcano,” he concluded.“It’s done well since it was launched for pubs and AGCs,and that’s always a good indication of how it will perform online.”

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