CPI unveils latest in cashless technology with data delivery

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Following a recent logo rebranding, Crane Payment Innovations took to ICE 2019 with a stand dedicated to demonstrating how both cashless and its data provision can point the way forward for operators.

With cashless a clear focus for many operators at ICE 2019,
CPI’s ticket purchasing kiosk took centre stage on the payment
solution company’s stand this year. The E-Choice system, equipped with all the latest CPI cashless hard- ware, allows players to use debit card payment to bypass the ATM and immediately deliver a TITO ticket.
“The kiosks are going out in the market right now, they are generating a lot of excitement, we’ve been signing deals left and right, especially in the UK,” said marketing manager Katherine Cotter.
The already significant popularity of the kiosk is set to be boosted by CPI’s latest innovation, announced at ICE and predicted to be introduced to the market later this year, the Alio system.
“The Alio is an all-in one card reader, which has a telemeter and takes all kinds of card payments, whether credit or debit depending on the jurisdiction, as well as contact- less, chip, swipe – it does it all.”
“The unit also offers on screen pin, as where the contactless limit is currently £30, this will allow a higher transaction.”
As well as offering players a wide range of payment choices, CPI’s cashless systems also provide continuous business intelligence, something the firm predicts will gain considerable traction as the year progresses.
“What we can do is harness data provided by the sensory hardware and give operators insight into how their machines are performing.
“We’ve launched a new division called Crane Connectivity Solutions, they are specifically dedicated to bringing these business intelligence and cashless solutions to the market, the future of gaming is really moving in that direction.”
Alongside cashless solutions, CPI also showcased its range for UK operators where cash is still king, including its SC Advance bill validator.
“The SC Advance has become a lot more popular right now because in the AWP market the operators are investing in higher quality games and cabinets so they need peripherals inside there that will last and deliver a good return on investment.
“We always make sure that our systems are working perfectly, because if it rejects a bill or coin at the machine, that player could get up and walk away.”

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