Astrosystems showcase wide range for multi-sector markets

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With European-facing casino cash handling systems and UK-market note handlers taking pride of place on Astrosystems’ stand, the firm proved that diversification was the key to its success.

Showcasing a full suite of GBA and Microcoin products at ICE, Astrosystems demonstrated the breadth of its offering, providing options for kiosks, payment systems and casinos.
With the future of payment processing a hot topic at the exhibition,the company’s presence at the ExCel Centre delivered sustained interest in Astrosystems’ innovative solutions.
“It’s been very busy and we’ve had quite a few visitors to the stand so it’s very positive,” said managing director Debbie Malin.
“It’s a really good opportunity to see our existing customers, a lot of our European customers come over so we can have conversations all in one place.”
The GBA GV1 front-loading note validator formed the standout product from Astrosystems for European and UK casino operators at the exhibition, designed especially for gaming market and boasting a host of high security options.
“The GBA GV1 will validate the note, stack it within the cassette, and that cassette can only be accessed by a key, so everything’s kept in one place.
“The Microcoin QL, which is designed specifically for high security machines, is also well suited to this exhibition.”
The QL offers a high- speed multi-coin and token validator, processing ten coins per second, and is one of the most popular coin mechanism across the international casino industry.
Alongside the European casino sector,the UK market provided a key focus for suppliers at ICE, with Astrosystems also showcasing its wide range of payment processing systems designed to suit non-casino gaming.
“Many of the products are suitable for the application, but if smaller operators are looking at note validation and it’s low cost it would be the GBST2 Head Unit, which would allow operators to fit the note validator in to smaller area, operating their own dropbox to collect the cash.”
The firm also exhibited the modular GBA ST2 stackerless note reader, used as the currency validation unit for the GV1 and able to process global currencies and tickets, a key provision for operators looking to the future of cash handling.
“I wouldn’t like to speculate on what will happen this year,” added Malin, “ but Astrosystems will continue to diversify into a lot of different sectors.”

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