Redevelopment of Bangor Pier ahead of schedule

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Despite Bangor City council reporting unforeseen and “challenging problems” in its refurbishment of the town’s landmark pier, Phase Three of rebuilding work is set to finish sooner than expected.

The city of Bangor council has announced renovation work on the town’s famous Victorian pier could be completed ahead of schedule.
Phase Three of the £1m repair project, which involves strengthening the steel superstructure on the head of the 1,500ft Garth Pier is set to be completed before the anticipated 31 March deadline.
“At the end of December, as Phase Three was coming to an end,the work proved to be very difficult,but the weather was pretty kind for this part of the world and progress was rapid,” said Bangor Council town clerk Ian Jones.
“Although completion of the pier head will be ahead of schedule,the area will remain closed to the public.We anticipate, weather permitting, that the area will be available to the public before April 1, 2019. Phase Four, work just before the end of the pier, comes next.”
Work on the pier, which began two years ago, has involved extensive structural enhancements, as well as replacement and repair of wrought iron features and handrails, the reconstruction of pier buildings, repainting, and shot blasting of corroded metalwork.
“Some areas were so bad they could not be saved and new steel, trusses and supports, had to replace decayed and weak areas,” said Jones.
“The pier head had to be closed due to safety issues with trusses that were weak and corroded.This was pertinent at the time, especially after the collapse at Colwyn Bay pier.”
All trusses, both principal and wind,have been entirely replaced at the pier head.”
The pier was first opened in 1896, and as of August 2017 had received no structural repair for over 30 years.
The four phase construction process, which has required extensive scaffolding surrounding the pier,is set to return the pier to its former glory, with the final stage involving the reconstruction of the pier’s pavilion.
“Anything further depends on funding, as the capital budget of £1.3m will soon be exhausted. But I can report that the pier is safe and presents no health and safety or structural issues going forward.”

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