Spin Gaming brings new twist to B3 prestake with Spin Roulette 500

Spin Gaming, B3, prestake, Spin Roulette 500
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With 7’s Above acting as Spin Gaming’s primary representative at EAG 2019, Coinslot spoke to Ian Pawson about the latest releases, as well as what was in store for the distributor itself.

Spin Gaming made sure its latest offering lived up to its name, premiering the B3 cabinet Roulette 500 at EAG this year, presented by UK distributor 7’s Above.
“Spin Gaming is showcasing its new four game compendium B3 machine called Spin Roulette 500, with the main feature game being a roulette game which has a twist on the prestake gamble, allowing the players to have a true roulette feel,” 7s Above’s Ian Pawson explained.
“The main mechanic is then backed up with proven games like Monkey Business Gold, Monkey Business Wild and Fire- cracker Gold.”
Housed in a brand new two-screen cabinet, Spin Roulette 500 features a maximum £2 stake and £500 prize, and is played across two stages where a win from the first disk game qualifies entry to the secondary roulette game.Spinning the arrow on the first stage disk, players can progress to the second level if the arrow lands in the green segment, allowing the roulette wheel itself to be spun, however increasing the value of the initial stake reduces the green segment considerably.
If the arrow lands in the red segment during the first stage, the player loses and the game ends, with players able to stake chips of various values up to £30 on the first stage game.
“We’re expecting really big things from Spin Roulette 500 this year,”said Pawson.
As part of the wider offering from 7’sAbove,the new Spin Gaming title sat alongside several proven products from Reflex Gaming.
“We’ve got the Bullion Bar X three-player which is already site tested and proven, and works fantastic, it’s not fully switchable, but it has the capability to do not just £100 jackpot but £10 jackpot and £5 jackpot as well,” said Pawson.
“We’ve also got the Mini Eclipse range, which is the Bullion Bar X Mini,and Lady Luck Pure Magic,they’ll sell themselves really.”
The focus on B3 comes ahead of the much anticipated legislative change set for just over two months time, and also demonstrates the popularity of the sector in building customer numbers for 7’s Above.
“I think obviously B3’s going to be a hot topic this year,” said Pawson. “Naturally with the bookmakers effects in March, so it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out, but I would anticipate that being on the lips of everybody this year.
“Ourselves, we’re just coming into our 6th year now, so it’s nice to see the support from the customers building, and that customer base also growing. I look forward to being able to continue that this week.”

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