Cummins Allison: The coin has a say

Cummins Allison, coin, Jetscan units, jetsort
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Whilst the show floor abounded with discussions of contactless payments and the like, the Cummins Allison stand featured a full complement of its Jetsort and Jetscan units, reaffirming the pride of place hard currency continues to enjoy in the industry, commented Paul Clay, sales manager UK and Ireland.

“We have always been a big supplier in the market and we are of course looking to continue to do that going into 2019. We have a lot of machines out on site that may need replacing or upgrading to meet new challenges, but we are also busy in many other market sectors like retail and banking. For us as a company 2019 looks good, certainly,” said Clay.
Speaking on current trends discussed at the show he commented that despite its presence within the market for some time now, TITO uptake is still on the rise due to its numerous benefits.
“We have seen that there are still arcades that haven’t made the change over, there are still a lot of operators that are considering implementing it at their sites. There are great benefits if they do, they can know where their cash is at any on time even though it is not physical.”
In broader terms Clay added that the spectre of Brexit was never far from conversation both at the show and in general terms.
“Brexit is definitely high on the agenda and what impact this may have on businesses. We are an American company, so there could well be issues regarding imports and border controls, but also a lot of operators here at the show are worldwide to vary- ing extents so it is certainly a big consideration,” he said.

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