Cashless key for Rimini Solutions and Ask Global

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Rimini Guardian, under the Ask Global Solutions banner, showcased the latest developments in its payment processing systems.

With cashless set to make headlines this year, the firm’s payment kiosks, SAS and multi protocol accounting and cashless systems proved extremely popular with delegates.
“We saw a lot of demonstrations, and people wanting to talk about cashless systems,” said marketing spokesman Martin Bush. “The main products that garnered most interest were the kiosk and cashless solutions, which people were very interested in.
“The stand featured a range of solutions, the Rimini Guardian and Rimini Systems, back office products and management systems.”
“The new kiosks and the new systems are going to make a big difference to how outlets operate.”
The Rimini Ticket Kiosk made significant waves at BEGE 2018, providing a compact solution for players to purchase TITO tickets with debit and credit cards, with the ticket then usable in slot machines, generating a similar buzz at EAG this year.
Alongside Ask’s gaming systems and technical support options, it was really cashless technology that led the way, and generated most interest at the firm’s stand.
From the interest at the show, and the number of companies exploring cashless and contact- less technologies, it was clear that for 2019, payment protocols will be a key industry to monitor for operators.
Those on the frontline of the amusement and gaming sector were clearly keen to embrace the technology, with Bush adding “from the reaction we had, operators were definitely interested.”
The positive response reinforced Ask Global’s expo drive as Bush confirmed: “If you’re not there, you’re not getting those contacts. It leads to further interest and people taking things on, and that’s great.”

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