One Big Ticket creates one big draw for Concept

Concept, redemption
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Saving operators both time and money, Concept Games’ One Big Ticket system has proved itself a popular feature since its launch at EAG 2018.

After a year’s exposure to the market, the retrofitted ticket bank that reduces multiple printouts to one comprehensive ticket, drew yet another considerable crowd at this year’s exhibition.
One Big Ticket is the biggest thing,” said managing director David Garforth. “It’s now been positioned in 17 amusement centres, in fives, sixes, eights, tens, and proven itself to work beautifully and make all the savings that we promised it would make, so now we’re looking to gather pace with it.”
“We’ve got six on Brighton Pier, they’re working beautifully, they haven’t had to replace the reels yet, children are showing no reluctance to play them. They really don’t seem to miss those big armfuls of tickets.”
Though One Big Ticket took pride of place on the stand, beside Concept’s newly rebuilt Cat C casino cabinet Freeplay Fortune, the firm’s Lumos upgrade system also continued to attract operators and visitors alike.
The complete solution for updating and enhancing the trim on legacy analogue machines, which replaces dull, old bulbs with full LED systems and flow tubes, has been a solid performer for Concept since its launch.
“We’ve done a lot lately, probably 40 in the last two months, and it’s been great work for us,” said Garforth.
“It takes an hour to install, we can go into an arcade and fit twelve in a day. We’ve done a thousand in the last two years.”
“The machines are old favourites, and though people are looking to digital, a lot of operators are looking to keep their analogue machines for as long as possible, because they’re great pieces of kit. The Lumos system extends their life considerably.”

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