Sewing seeds: Bell-Fruit hails new digital direction

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With digital gaming high on the list of growth markets, Bell-Fruit Games has added high-quality content development to its manufacturing stable, opening new avenues for continued company development.

With Novomatic’s EAG stand almost entirely devoted to the launch of the Prismatic cabinet, Bell-Fruit took the opportunity to showcase its development as a leading manufacturer under the group’s umbrella.
As well as producing a brand new range of arcade products for sister company Bulldog, including the leading Pac-Man pusher with dot-matrix top box, Bell-Fruit used its presence to demonstrate its growing digital offering.
“This show is more gaming orientated than the last two or three that I’ve been at,”said sales and marketing manager Ian Shreeve.
“FEC redemption is still very important, and there’s still lots of business being done at the show,but because of 31 March, a lot of AGCs are coming to us to talk about gaming and what we have available.”
“Bell-Fruit’s strength is in manufacturing,but in the past it’s been analogue AWP Cat C for the pub market, and that has now been overtaken by digital.”
As part of the Novomatic group of companies Bell-Fruit are well-placed to embrace the growth of the sector,with the company laying the groundwork for a digital focus since 2016.
“A lot has been said over the last two years about the rise of digital and Cat C pub market going beyond the tipping point, and Bell-Fruit’s had to change its mentality toward content development.”
“We have the best games now, the best two games on our primary digital product for pubs. It’s designed by Astra, but content development from Bell-Fruit has been important to its performance.”
Though Bell-Fruit will always remain a machine manufacturer, Shreeve added that the benefits of digital were not just in its versatility for operators, but also its potential for the company.
“It’s been a steady change as the number of Cat C analogues have declined, but it had to happen and it’s bearing fruit.That brings recur- ring revenue, it’s not one off sale margin opportunity, it’s over four or five years where revenue is generated for the business.”
Though Shreeve highlighted the importance April may form to growing theAGC market,he noted that with an expanding customer-base comes a responsibility to deliver the best possible resources and support to new players.
“April will also bring the next conversations around social responsibility,making sure we’re doing the right things,and maybe being a little more proactive about how we look after our customers.”
With that in mind,April can only prove positive for manufacturers and operators alike, with Shreeve adding “everyone will be smiling Monday morning when we get back and the orders flying in.”

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