Astra reach for the stars with Prismatic launch

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As digital proves an ever-growing force to be reckoned with in the arcade sector, Astra Games went all-out” at EAG to launch the Prismatic, set to be a landmark machine for the Novomatic Group firm.

With an eye-catching 63 synced cabinet lining the Novomatic stand, Astra’s presence at EAG 2019 ensured one name was on every visitor’s lips – Prismatic.
The imposing display, intended by the company to create “the wow factor,” provided the ideal launch for the B3 and Cat C configured cabinet.
“Our future is Prismatic,” said sales manager Claire Peet.“That’s what we’re hoping will be for the next couple of years now.”
The machine display showcased the versatility of the cabinets, with the B3 already an arcade launch product, compatible withAstra’s legacy Big Bonus Wheel to create a two, three or a four player set-up,in addition to single machine operation.
The arcade success of the B3 Prismatic launch follows similar results for the pub-facing Cat C,also set for entry into the arcade market.
“The Cat C is fairly new in the pub sector,and that’s showing some incredible results,”she explained during the EAG show.
“We’ve got lots of orders in the system for the pub sector Cat C,and now we’re also looking at an arcade version of it – that’s our next development.”
With the Prismatic cabinet updated with ten games a year as part of the company’s content deal,the initial test period in the pub sector will also prove a useful indicator of which titles are suitable for cross-sector application.
We’’ll handpick the games to use and pick the games that are suited to the arcade market,to hopefully have the same success in the arcade sector.”
Peet has an ambitious out- look for the impressive innovation. “We’re looking forward to Prismatic evolving into new and bigger and better things,”she enthused, “which is why we’ve put the Big Bonus Wheel as an addition, so people can see it really is something we’re looking to enhance year in year out.”
The launch marks an increased focus on digital for Astra,part of its ongoing aim to“progress through innovation” as part of the Novomatic group of companies.
“We’re very much focused on the digital sector,the downloading of games, the content side of things, being able to pull from all the different companies within Novomatic UK,” she stressed.
“We’ve got four or five different content houses that we can draw from to get the right content on the machines, so you’ve got different content to suit different needs.”
However, with Peet noting analogue “was always Astra’s bread and butter,” the firm will continue to devote the same innovative focus on its analogue offering, with customer feedback key to development.
“We listen to our customers; if they suggest something we do try to keep that analogue three-player going, with new brands and licences. It is a very important part of our manufacturing background, and our future.”

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