The London Resort reveals new park plans

London-Resorts, uk
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The latest plans for a new theme park in Dartford, The London Resort, have been announced, revealing a five-year-late opening date of 2024.

Themed rides, attractions, and experiences are on the agenda, as well as daytime and night-time shows and parades. A range of hotels including flexible space capable of hosting conferences, exhibitions and events will also be built, with cinemas and nightclubs serving as indoor entertainment.
However, these plans are still yet to be submit- ted to the Secretary of State, who will receive the application directly due to the proposed site on the Swanscombe Peninsula being given ‘nationally significant’ status.
Developers believe that this will happen during 2019, but London Resort Company Holdings is no stranger to delays, with the theme park originally planning to be fully up and running this year. Indeed, the discovery of rare jumping spiders in 2013, a rebrand away from Paramount Pictures in 2017, and the A2 extension not being taken into account in 2018 have all held up progress so far, suggest- ing that the new 2024 opening date has potential to be subject to further changes.

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