Mr P’s arcade “the critical mass” that Bognor needs

Mr P's Classic Amusements
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After announcing a 2 March opening date on Christmas Day, Mr P’s Classic Amusements is set to become “the critical mass” that Bognor needs – at least according to the local Crazy Golf operator.

This January Mr P’s operators Dave and Amelia Douglas have been focusing on the venues interior design, which will be followed by a month of choosing the perfect machines for the seaside FEC.
“Bognor Carpet has arrived from USA, and will be fitted at the end of the month,” said the Douglas’ on facebook. “This will give us all of February to finalise all of the of the ageing fleet that will be in store for you all! It is going to be some beast of an arcade, and already the local Crazy Golf opposite has dubbed it as ‘the critical mass’ that Bognor needs!”
Indeed, with the design in hand, and machines waiting in storage, all the operator requires now is signage to sum-up what the new Bognor arcade is all about.
“The last thing to finalise and we are in the process right now is the sign,” concluded the Douglas’. “However, this is not as easy as we first thought as we have been in two minds whether to use our normal guy or to run with somebody who can give us a great sign local to Bognor.”

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