Casino machines seized in Dublin

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Revenue, Ireland’s customs and taxation agency, has seized equipment from Dr Quirkey’s in Dublin for using amusement licences on its casino machines.

It is understood that more than 50 machines were taken from the premises on Wednesday last week, with more also taken from another of the opera- tor’s premises in Phibsborough. This continues on from last year’s crackdown on the sector, which saw 158 machines seized from various sites across Dublin by the government agency.
While an assessment of the sector by DKM Economic Consultants first noted the trend of using casino machines with amusements licences in 2008, Revenue did not begin their recent run of seizures until June of last year, reacting to a report in The Times which brought attention to the issue.
As both the casino and amusements trade bodies in Ireland have been saying for many years, the country’s gambling industry is in dire need of updated legislation. While the government is now aiming to have that up and running by 2020, in the meantime there remains a disparity across Ireland regarding the use of casino machines – which some commentators have even argued is a violation of European laws.

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