N… N… N… N… Nineteen. NSM’s looking forward to another great year in music

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It’s been an impressive year for Leeds-based jukebox manufacturer NSM Music and Alex Kirby is buzzing about it. He tells Coinslot Review what the manufacturer has in store for the coming twelve months.

A blossoming relationship with US based entertainment network, AMI; the sound of Thunder as the game-changing jukebox made its debut at ACOS; conversions moving on at an incredible pace and the siting of the world’s first 100 percent Contactless jukebox at a brace of Mitchells and Butlers’ Sizzling Pubs.
In the run-up to EAG, Coinslot caught up with NSM Music’s Alex Kirby to discover his greatest hits of 2018 and what’s on his playlist for the year ahead.
“We’re in a great place at the moment,” began Kirby. “Thunder, Lightning and Icon (back- ground music system) have done everything we could have hoped for and more.This, however, is no time to stand still – the pace of change in music, leisure,entertainment and indeed society has never been greater,we need drive on.”
A large part of that drive is a focus on a new NSM User Interface, making its debut at EAG 2019.
“Thunder and Lightning both feature Windows 10 software and we’ve developed a host of accompanying new functionality that we’re unveiling at the show.
“We’ve developed an operator-friendly software platform that really does put our machines in operators’ hands.The new functionality will also extend product support – just another example of our commitment to operators and to the unique power of digital technology to improve experience.” An improved experience is some- thing NSM Music are hoping to achieve when it comes to PPL Licences. The original PPL Licence was negotiated by Kirby’s father in the late 90s,so his interest is more than simply professional. Kirby junior is hoping 2019 brings with it some much needed,modern legislation.
“Digital technology has created a new environment for which the original PPL Licence is just no longer fit for purpose. The ease of downloads/streaming have created a new environment where it’s easy for domestic platforms to be used in commercial spaces.It makes the playing field uneven and really does need to be addressed for musicians,operators and manufacturers alike.”
Despite challenges like PPL Licencing, Kirby remains resolutely upbeat for 2019 – a year when uncertainty (did someone mention the B word?) has never been greater.
There are,however,some more predictable changes afoot.
“Our recent siting of the world’s first 100 percent con- tactless jukebox with Mitchells and Butlers really points to exciting new opportunities for our industry.The statistics emerging from this trial suggests that,with each passing week, the general public are increasingly comfortable with digital payment methods and that they’re happy to pay for high quality music.The data we’re getting from contactless pay shows that diners and drinkers are seeing jukeboxes, once again, as an exciting part of modern leisure mix.”
The modern consumer clearly wants a jukebox that’s easy to use, can work with mobile technology and offers the likes of karaoke, bingo and video content.
It would seem from NSM Music’s most recent data that consumers are prepared to pay for the right experience. Are there new commercial challenges/opportunities on the horizon? Kirby thinks so.
“Music streaming services have created the feeling that music should be free but I think it’s only right that we respect the rich contribution these people make to our lives – and pay for their talent.
“In 2019, NSM Music will do our bit by continuing to try and deliver the right platforms for music to be heard the way that those musicians wanted it to be heard,for consumers to access their favourites tracks as effortlessly as possible and for operators to have reliable, affordable machines that offer the strongest possible return.”

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