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Projects’s presence at EAG showcases it’s commitment to delivering both choice and variety to machine players across AGC, FEC and Bingo. The comprehensive offering includes a £70 Cat C, a new ‘Simple Play Plus’ games category, the Wheel Series of high play appeal B3s and Jacks and Jokers, which is the latest addition to the brand’s highly successful range of poker themed games.

As part of its pledge to deliver theatre, excitement and interactive play to UK gaming floors, Project has developed three strong Wheel series of games. The triumvirate, comprising Fortune Wheel, Golden spins and Bonus Spins ,all feature the internationally recognised and highly popular wheel concept which has been shown to enhance play appeal as well as provide a strong and vibrant visual presence.
Not only is the wheel a gaming icon but it also sits comfort- ably within the simple play format due to its familiarity among the player base. The games are available as single units, in pairs or to gain maximum visual impact as a three,thereby creating a ‘Wheel Series’ centre piece experience.
New launches,Spin nWin,Bubbling Bonus and Super Spins are the first games to come under Project’s‘Simple Play Plus’ product genre. Simple Play Plus provides players with enhanced levels of interaction and entertainment while retaining the simple to understand format that’s favoured by large sections of the player base.The new genre helps retain those players who are seeking a little bit more from their gaming entertainment experience without over complicating the core offering.It represents an important new proposition which will help operators to provide something new to their customers.
Project has adopted an unconventional approach to the Cat C genre with the development of Cherry Bar,a £70 jackpot machine which is aimed at the smaller budget player.A simple, dedicated game featuring two win symbols and a free spins symbol,Cherry Bar is housed in the company’s specially developed high impact,V19 Neon cabinet. The game offers price of play options enabling players to start on 10p and,if they wish,progress to 50p or £1.Cherry Bar has a dedicated start button for each price of play to further enhance the simple play format.The £70 jackpot provides optimum game balance and provides the player with more activity including two repeat jackpot wins.
Widely regarded as the UK’s poker specialists, Project will be unveiling Jacks and Jokers at EAG.Representing the 12th poker based machine to come out of the Project stable,Jacks and Jokers has a high hit frequency which succeeds in keeping
players engaged and is also being made available with a 25p optional stake. Jacks and Jokers gives the player more in terms of added layers of entertainment and more decision making opportunities such as the provision of Joker Hints in the Hi/Lo gamble feature and the inclusion of more jokers in the main game.
Looking ahead to EAG,Project managing director Tony Boulton believes the UK showpiece event is an idealopportunity for the industry to rally and plan for a progressive 2019. He stated:“The industry thrives on the creativity and entrepreneurship that’s at the heart of the business. It’s really important – or the industry to use EAG as a platform from which we can collectively move forward and rise to the challenges and opportunities of the year ahead. It has great significance
not just in terms of sales but also the energy and direction it can give the industry.”

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