Project cater for smaller budget player with development of £70 Cat C

Project Super Cherry
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Project has adopted an unconventional approach to the Cat C genre following confirmation that it has completed development of a £70 jackpot machine in time for EAG.

Set to be unveiled from stand 412, Project’s Cherry Bar is a simple, dedicated game featuring two win symbols, a free spins symbol and is housed in the company’s specially developed high impact, V19 Neon cabinet.
Expanding on the appeal of Cherry Bar and how it can work as part of a venue’s overall gaming entertainment offering, Project managing director Tony Boulton said: “Operators want high quality products for all machine players whatever their disposable income or their budget at any given part of the week or month. The £70 jackpot provides optimum game balance as well as enabling us to offer the player more activity and two repeat wins.
“However, the biggest selling point is the price of play options of 10p – 50p and £1. On 10p the player has one win line, on 50p it increases to seven win lines through to 20 win lines on the £1 stake. The stake options enable players to start on 10p and, if they wish, progress to 50p or a £1. Cherry Bar features a dedicated start button for each price of play to further enhance the simple play format. The smaller budget player is key to any business and Cherry Bar is designed to meet that core business requirement.”

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