Battle of Hastings: FEC controversy continues

Battle of Hastings, FEC, controversy, Amusement Park
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Amusement Park in Hastings have been given the go-ahead by local councillors, but continue to face stern opposition from concerned locals.

The Stade family have sought and attained permission to expand their main indoor amusement building and to build a new boathouse on the seafront – but have had to repeatedly apply to Hastings Borough Council for the necessary go-aheads after complaints were received pertaining to the obstruction of a public footpath.

These grievances have seemingly endured, with one letter penned by the chair of the local preservation society last week citing “consistent public opposition” to the move since the 1970’s.

“Council planning officers and planning inspectors have always resisted the expansion of the enclosed amusement park area westwards,” wrote Anne Scott to the Hastings Observer. “What has changed? Where was the decision made to change this policy? Why has there been no public consultation over this major change in policy?”

Calling for greater public ire towards the new development, Scott claimed that her opposition was “not an objection to amusements per se, but to the loss of this open space…and the loss of council control over what type/size these amusements might be.”

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