Verve Radio is music to the ears of Britain’s gaming operators

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Designed to foster communication, advertising and unique promotions to customers and staff across the UK gaming industry, former Praesepe man, Chris Drake, has launched Verve In-House Broadcasting Ltd, amplifying both the music and the message for brands in one easy package.

Described by Nick Harding, senior advisor to the Gauselmann Group, as “the most powerful marketing tool” he’s ever worked with, In-House radio is a unique promotional outlet often associated only with major corporations and national high street brands, but with the launch of Verve Broadcasting, founder and director Chris Drake, believes the opportunity will bring harmony to venues of all sizes the length and breadth of the country.

Created to deliver the total In-House radio platform, the newly launched company will set up and run a complete in- house radio station for multi-site retailers including a fully functioning studio, broadcast licencing, music policy, jingles, station idents, advertisements,ONAIR competitions and more, consolidating the technical and the theatrical sides of broadcast- ing under one roof.

Based in Milton Keynes, Verve In-House Broadcasting’s offering will be “music to operators’ears” according to Drake, as the opportunity for real-time communication in venue and online continues to grow.

“Engaging with customers across multiple sites can be a tall order, and throwing social media into the mix is another thing entirely, but that’s where Verve comes in,” he explained. “Our offering covers the entire spectrum of what brands need from running the radio station day to day, supplying presenters, operating the station’s social media, organising competitions and features, whilst ensuring the right balance of music to chat, including ‘shout- outs’, requests, competitions and presenter reads. We also make sure that the venues ‘soundscape’ complements the time of day, day of the week,season of the year, and events of major national interest. We’ve worked hard and drawn on our practical experience to ensure Verve is truly the full package.”

The synergy between most venues’ established music capabilities, licencing and creating unique broadcasting content is a perfect symphony for brand delivery – “the plumbing and the poetry”, as Drake calls it – orchestrating a powerful position for most multi-site operators to reap the benefits of in-house radio almost instantly. “A lot of venues which currently play music will already have speakers, amplification and a combined PPL & PRS Music Licence, ‘The Plumbing’. However, to really bring a venue alive Verve produces ‘The Poetry’, which is the creation and production of the content to be delivered. This is the important part as obtaining the plumbing is simply a matter of securing a comprehensively equipped studio. Yet, there is no point having the best delivery system in the world if the content delivered is in anyway misdirected, inappropriate or substandard.”

Composing ‘the poetry’ behind Verve is an energetic team of presenters, producers and content creatives all experienced in ‘In-house radio’ from across amusements, gaming and retail sectors.“Our roster of eight brilliant on-air presenters,led by programme controller Lia Christodoulou, and a core group of behind-the-scenes staff truly are the best in the business.

“In-House radio is a totally different beast to commercial radio, and is a rare skill, so building this team is a real achievement for Verve and or the companies who get to know them all on-air via live broadcasts within their venues.Our team can also be bolstered by an incredible line-up of broadcasting legends, including Mike Read, David‘kid’Jensen, Ric kWakeman and many more, who can be called upon for live shows, road shows or in- venue promotions increasing customer interaction, significantly boosting social media impact and bringing that star wattage to any brand.They might be known as national star DJs, musicians and presenters but these iconic faces can definitely be part of your in- house radio station!”

Following an illustrious career behind the microphone, including five years at Praesepe’s Jackpot FM, Chris Drake understands the unique bells and whistles required for the UK gaming industry. He explained: “At the end of my time with Jackpot FM we were broadcasting to over 170 Cashino venues, nine Beacon Bingo clubs, the Tan Express chain, the seaside Funshine amusement arcades, the Beaky Bingo website, the Cashino website and the Merkur Engineering warehouse facility in Birmingham.To consistently engage with a customer foot-fall of over 150,000 a week you have to always bring your A-game ensuring that your listeners, both customers and staff,are engaged as a real brand community.

“Your In-house Radio Station is your brand, live, in your venues. It is a powerful device, that entertains, mar- kets, suggests, motivates, informs and understands,” concluded Drake. “For a multi-site company, it is so much more than just playing background music. Done properly it becomes the oil between the wheels, engaging customers in-venue and online, motivating staff and merging separate venues into a consistent whole!”

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