Maggi Electronics: Expert knowledge vital to ensure maximum efficiency

Maggi electronics
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The Maggi Electronics triumvirate of an extensive product range, expert service knowledge and dedicated engineers ready to work on-site means that operators are only a phone call away from best-in-class support, comments company managing director Joe Pritchard.

Coinslot: How important in today’s market is after-sales care and service?

Joe Pritchard:In the industry we all work in, time or more importantly down time is critical.

Maggi Electronics strives to keep this to a minimum.We do this in three ways,we Joe Pritchardhave an extensive advance system,where customers can order and receive a product the next day.

We have a KPI of three days turnaround for goods sent for repair and have Maggi drivers delivering and picking up to save time and carriage.

CS: How important is the wider after-sales team in keeping operators earning?

JP:Over the years the machines and the products have got more technical and our after-sales team work tirelessly to ensure the engineers receive the correct product and configured to the correct specification.

With the complexity of the products we see now it is important that engineers specialise to become experts in their own field.

Service centres see some products everyday that some operators might only see once a month. This improves both the knowledge and efficiency of the service centre engineers.

CS: Geographically, how can a wide range of engineers help both operators and service providers?

JP:With the increased use of the internet and the availability of drop boxes and next day deliveries our team of over 35 people are able to support our customers wherever they are in the country, we are only a phone call away.

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