Bradford licensing policy to underline problem play

Bradford Council
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The latest licensing policy under review by Bradford Council will refer to recent studies highlighting certain public health risks with regards to problem gambling.

Bradford Council’s update to its latest draft policy in handling the licensing applications of gambling premises sees the addition of findings from a 2016 study – which detailed an increased rate of problem gambling amongst younger people and those from minority backgrounds.

But a letter sent to the council on behalf of the Association of British Bookmakers argued that reference to the study ran counter to the terms of the 2005 Gambling Act, which underlines the “aim to permit” the use of premises by operators.

The council was unmoved by the ABB’s petitioning however, and claimed that the amendments would remain to be put before a full council vote next month.

“The information included in these sections has been added at the request of the Council’s Public Health Department,” said a spokesman. “It is felt this information is relevant and should be included in the policy.”

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