Suzohapp: ‘We see ourselves as partners to our customers’

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Having after sales support match that found at the point of purchase is crucial if long term success is to be achieved, comments John Vallis, Suzohapp vice president gaming and amusement EMEA.

Coinslot: Inbroad terms how important is your after sales and service offerings both for yourself and for the consumer?

John Vallis: We see ourselves as partners to our customers. We are there to support them from the start, identifying the individual component and product needs and which solutions then best match.

Both pre-sales and after-sales support are key to our long-term success. Whether for product training, maintenance or on-site support,we offer a range of services that our customers can choose from. We have a strong repairs department and work very hard to have the repaired goods returned to the customer as soon as possible.

Whether its return to base or in the field repairs/service for our cash handling products such as coin counters and change machines or monitors/coin mechs/power supplies that are in need of repair, Suzohapp are on hand to support the customer.

CS: Currently what after sales services are you seeing the most demand for, and why? Be it remote assistance/call outs etc.

JV: Our fast track repair service for items such as coin mechs,note validators,game boards,PSUs and game boards continues to grow from strength to strength and there is a consistent number of repairs that we carry out each week,in addition we provide technical assistance over the phone for products such as the Scan Coin counters and Comestero change machines.

CS: What else as a company do you offer post-purchase?

JV: We offer our customers a service agreement on finished products such as Scan Coin and Comestero changers, as part of these service agreements we can also include preventative maintenance visits at scheduled intervals to ensure that the equipment is cleaned, tested and kept in peak condition and therefore optimising their performance.

CS: Are there any particular issues that you are finding operators require help with more than others?

JV: There are no particular requests or issues from operators, the seasonality of the business plays a part in this, for example we would provide more support in the summer months on items such as coin/note counters and change machines to amusement arcades when they are at their busiest periods than we would in the winter months when they scale back their operating hours.

We have a steady flow of repairs for LCD Monitors, coin mechs and PSUs etc
throughout the year.

CS: Geographically, how can a wide range of engineers help both operators and service providers?

JV: They key to good service and support is the location, skillset and availability of technical support and engineering resources whether this be office or field based.

Suzohapp has more than 40 field-based engineers across the UK and Ireland which is key to supporting our clients in all of the industries we serve,in addition we have office based technical support in both our Salford and Chessington offices so we are very well set up to be able to provide the support and service.

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