Suzohapp: Sharing the wealth of knowledge

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Maintaining machine uptime – and by extension profitability – is not only a year-round undertaking but one of crucial importance for operators.

Suzohapp’s range of after-sales and service solutions draw on years of first class industry experience to offer one of the most comprehensive post-purchases packages available.

Crucial to this is an understanding of the wants and needs of operators commented John Vallis, vice president gaming and amusement EMEA at Suzohapp.

“Suzohapp places utmost importance on after-sales and service. We understand how important machine uptime is and minimising downtime can first be achieved by choosing the right products to comply with operator needs. This is where the expertise of the Suzohapp team comes into play,” he said.

“As the industry’s largest supplier of components and cash handling solutions, Suzohapp has a wealth of knowledge to share. If and when a component needs repairing, then Suzohapp ensures this is done correctly as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price. Suzohapp has a team of engineers to support customers up and down the country,” he concluded.

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