Rhyl town council overruled on plush toy objections

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They may be cuddly, but the upcoming arrival of an army of plush toys seems to be ruffling feathers in Rhyl – where an application to store thousands of arcade redemption prizes has been met with ire by the town council.

The mysterious FEC applicant – listed only as a “Mr Sparks” – has requested permission to install a series of forty-foot containers on a plot of land on the outskirts of town, a move which the county council has approved.

But town councillors have raised hard objections to the soft toy proposal.

“The town council considers that the proposed development will result in an over intensification of the site, the loss of car parking spaces for the businesses on adjoining roads, [and] represent a negative visual impact for residents,” said a spokesperson for the council. “In the event that the local planning authority grant permission for the development, a condition is requested to limit the hours of operation to protect the residential amenities of neighbouring properties.”

Noting the concerns, county councillors nevertheless ruled that “the proposal will not have an unacceptable impact in relation to residential amenity.”

In other words – sorry Rhyl. The teddy bear’s picnic is coming to town.

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