All bets are on Reel Roulette as new 5 Star Game wins plaudits

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Project is reporting what it is describing as a ‘really positive response and strong interest’ in Reel Roulette, the latest game available on 5 Star Games, the company’s high play appeal Cat C compendium.

Unveiled by Project at October’s ACOS, Reel Roulette is a simple play, soft gaming option delivering an entertainment experience that’s at the heart of the Amusement With Prize proposition.

Project managing director, Tony Boulton believes the status of roulette as a classic or evergreen casino game makes it ideally suited to being part of a compendium offering.

“Roulette hasn’t altered since it was introduced in the 19th century” he stated. “As such it’s got a timeless appeal which means it sits comfortably alongside other games without cannibalising income. I think it’s positive that AGCs are able to offer a game style which on the high street at least, is most commonly associated with the Licensed Betting Office.”

“While the average win is under £4 a spin, we have added a twist to the offering courtesy of a black/red gamble which gives players the opportunity to raise their win values. As an advocate of offering players both choice and variety, our strategy with 5 Star is to deliver games that are new, different and complementary which is exactly why Reel Roulette has been so warmly received by operators and players alike.”

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