Concerns mount over parking issues in Bournemouth

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For some reason, local councils do not want cars in their towns, as evidenced in an abject town centre parking programme by authorities up and down the country. All of which is a major problem for seaside resorts who depend on sizeable parking facilities to accommodate families visiting the town.

Bournemouth are the latest to feel the pain with local residents now taking up the cause. With an economy so heavily reliant on day trippers, the vast majority of these car users, parking issues are of the utmost importance; council planners,it seems, are loth to accept this.

One Bournemouth local has highlighted the potentially perilous parking problems that the town may face when a range of planned regeneration work is completed.

Wendy Bailey wrote to her local paper saying: “Every time I raise this issue I get a reply from a councillor saying that adequate parking will be provided underneath the new buildings to be constructed.

“I am not convinced of this and cite the BH2 building as an example. Yes, there is an underground car park but it is not very big and the cost to use it is prohibitive. Come on Bournemouth council, please re-think the plans for our car parks before you destroy Bournemouth completely.”

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