UK enters Brexit future with new 50 pence coin variant

HM Treasury, new 50p
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The cash-boxes of Britain’s coin-op machines will soon receive a new commemorative fifty-pence coin – in celebration of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Although chancellor Phillip Hammond isn’t expected to unveil official plans for the New 50 pence piececoin until later this week, early details gleaned by the Independent indicate the coin will bear the words “Friendship With All Nations,” and suggest that it will be put into circulation before midnight on March 29 next year: the very day the UK will terminate its current relationship with the European bloc.

But operators need not panic – as yet, there is no indication that the new variant will differ in dimensions to the regular 50 pence piece: rather, it will serve as have other commemorative coin variants – such as those marking the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The irony of this particular chancellor – whose own anti-Brexit position is a matter of frequent public record – tabling plans for such a coin hasn’t been lost on some observers. In a recent statement, Brexit supporter Jacob Rees Mogg went so far as to accuse Hammond of co- operation with “some of the more [anti-Brexit] politicised businesses,” adding that “Boris Johnson was quite right when he said the Treasury is the beating heart of Remain.”

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