Llandudno Pier maintains growth momentum, but will town plans stall its economic boost?

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The news was unveiled a few weeks ago, but the achievement is still making its mark. For two years, Llandudno Pier has established itself as an integral part of the economic framework of Wales. How have operators Tir Prince done it?

The operator of Llandudno Pier, Tir Prince, has been named among the fastest-growing companies in North Wales for the second year in succession, having seen its revenue quadruple over the course of the past three years.

Tir Prince owner Adam Williams accepted the prize at the Wales Fast Growth 50 event last week, after the business raised its turnover from £1.28m in 2015 to over £5m this year.

Tir Prince also operates a fairground and a number of arcades in Towyn, but Williams attributed the surge in growth to increasing numbers of people headed to the pier.

“This has come about because of the investment we have put it in,” he said.

And indeed, recent years have seen Tir Prince invest nearly a million pounds in new equipment for the pier’s FECs, in addition to extending opening hours and the length of the trading season.

“This is paying off and it’s nice to be recognised,” Williams added. “This is for the team we have here, without that team you have nothing.”

As to whether the pier will continue on its trajectory of growth – a glance outside his window and a vision of the possible building landscape gives Williams some reservations. Tir Prince has held back on recent reinvestment in the pier due to ongoing concerns as to the business impact of a new residential complex – the Pier Pavilion project – given the go-ahead by the Welsh government earlier this year.Williams has gone on the record to say that cash which would have gone toward pier maintenance and improvement has been kept in reserve due to the prospect of legal clashes with the new developers.

It was a sentiment he echoed last week. “We have this looming over us,” he told the Daily Post. “Investment has stalled until we know what impact this will have on us.”

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