One Big Ticket gathers pace

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The single thermally-printed One Big Ticket system from Leeds-based Concept Games is starting to show its true colours on site comments the company’s David Garforth.

“We always knew that the system makes all the sense in the world as it will save thousands of pounds over the life of each machine that it is fitted too,” said Garforth. “But the only concerns we had were whether or not the players would miss the arms full of redemption tickets. Well, according to the owners of the locations in which the 120 test units were fitted our concerns were totally unfounded as people just get it,” he added.

The additional benefits of a single ticket solution are clear to see for operators. The ability to make large saving in terms of paper, as well as cutting down on staffing hours due to refill frequencies being in terms of weeks not hours can both prove invaluable both in terms of site efficiency and operational bottom line.

Also, on the player side the queue for ticket munchers is all but eliminated leading to increased play time and ease of prize redemption.

“On many of the highest earning machines the One Big Ticket system pays for itself in one season,” added Garforth. “Also the system can be reused on new machines after trading and swapovers. One Big Ticket fits any redemption machine and can be reused time and time again. An easy way to try this system is to pick a few popular machines which will prove our theory beyond doubt.” he finished.

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