Project launch Red Hot Poker in two formats

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Project, widely regarded as low-stake poker specialists, has officially launched its Red Hot Poker game in two formats with the company confirming orders for both.

First seen at ACOS Red Hot Poker is available in a conventional game format as well as an upgrade pack for the 100 series cabinet. Managing director Tony Boulton believes the flexible offering is an important feature for operators wanting a cost effective method of introducing variety to a gaming floor and refreshing a venue. He stated: “We have to be aware of the dynamics of the business and challenges that our customers face, hence our decision to make Red Hot Poker available as an upgrade.

“In the same spirit of delivering choice and variety we have also introduced a 25p stake which appears for the first time on one of our Cat C pokers,” he added.

“The 25p stake works on a number of different levels. Essentially, by lowering the entry point courtesy of the smaller stake it means that everyone is able to play poker. For those who are new to the game style it enables them to sample what’s on offer. Secondly, it caters for 24-hour opening where there’s more dwell time allowing discretionary spend to go that much further, and thirdly it provides an opportunity for players to stake-up using their winnings at 25p play. Our overall aim is to provide our customers and their customers with the maximum amount of choice as possible.

“Red Hot Poker has been very well received with orders from across the industry including the commitment made at ACOS by Praesepe.

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