Cummins committed to accelerating the coin handling process

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They say time is money and this is scarcely more relevant than in the amusements sector. Cummins Allison are continuing to drive forward with the JetSort 1000 allowing operators to streamline coin counting processes and free up time to make sure properties are working as profitably as possible.

Freeing up time to focus on the most important aspects of running a successful business is the aim of every site operator. And Cummins Allison is determined to make this work.

The manufacturer’s JetSort 1000 coin sorter and counter is a sure-fire way to help reach that goal, by giving back the countless hours that can end up being spent manually counting and tracking coins.

Cummins explained: “With the rising costs of running a business and the constant pressure to save time day in day out, a more efficient way to process the large volume of coin generated by amusement and gaming operations can be the key to unlocking productivity increases. With the JetSort 1000 operators can streamline the whole process of managing mixed coin drops.”

And the product fits the bill. Compact and easy to use, tills are sorted, counted and either bagged or boxed, depending on the individual needs of the business. The LCD display also makes this tedious task a breeze.

With 99.995 percent accuracy, the dreaded manual recount can now be a thing of the past. The machine provides separate and combined tallies ensuring balanced deposits, and it can also be integrated with a note counter, printer or computer to further maximise productivity and efficiency.

Cummin Allison are able to back this up with a proven track record of dependability, durability and longevity. The company confirmed: “Backed by cutting-edge technology and world-leading customer service, operators can rest assured that their coin handling problems will be solved with a JetSort unit.”

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