Gamestec select TouchTunes juke to spearhead pub music investment

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Gamestec Playnation, the UK’s largest and most influential operator, has chosen the TouchTune’s Angelina to spearhead its new pub jukebox investment programme.

Described by Gamestec’s senior product manager, Stefan Podolanski, as being the ‘most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built’, the Angelina has the same top earning,consumer friendly interface as its predecessor,the Playdium, while also featuring a new contemporary lighting system that gives it the WOW! factor in any location or environment.

Expanding on the process that’s resulted in the development and subsequent launch of the Angelina, Podolanski added: “Gamestec has been closely involved with the introduction of TouchTunes products to the UK and we were the first operator to test the Playdium before it was officially launched in autumn 2016.There’s no doubt the Playdium set the pace for the introduction of technology driven jukeboxes and I would say the Angelina has taken it a notch further by combining ground breaking technology with superb aesthetics.

“Generally greater emphasis is now being placed on the quality of pub interiors which in turn means the entertainment equipment that we site has to look like it belongs.”

He added:“I would say the functionality is second to none and while in my own opinion we haven’t yet reached the tipping point in terms of punters using the app, any operator or licensee who fails to recognise the app’s importance moving forward whether that’s in six or nine months time, is actually planning for yesterday. From an operators perspective reliability is key and TouchTunes has succeeded in reducing downtime to a minimum – the click in modular system used in the Angelina is evidence of that attention to detail. This represents our first jukebox investment for a couple of years as we look to refresh the estate.”

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