NSM drives contactless and mobile functionality post ACOS

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With venues on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ to increase footfall, NSM is following its successful showcase at ACOS by giving the operator what they want and enhancing its focus on efficiency-led tech and customer-led payment models.

ACOS provided an ideal platform for the launch of NSM’s latest machine, Thunder, and with solid orders for both its new jukeboxes at the show, it’s now all about listening to the industry on the finer details according to the company’s sales manager, Alex Kirby.

“For a company which prides itself on designing its machines based on customer feedback it was incredibly encouraging that we received only positive responses to both the Thunder and Lightning machines at show,” he explained. “It’s testament to how much we listen that these new machines are already delivering on every technical aspect which matters to our customers so obviously our next goal is to focus on what the features on both machines can deliver.”

Giving the operators what they want is an essential part of NSM’s business and ACOS saw the company delivering on this with a number of flexible payment plan models and by putting customers testimonies at the heart of its commitment to fixed music fee. Kirby said: “With everything we do, we’re accommodating what operators and customers need. Our commitment to the fixed music fee was welcomed at the show and after researching thoroughly and liaising with customers, we’ve still found that the fixed fee model is the clear winner for 99 percent of our customers.”

The show also highlighted the industry’s desire to find the ‘next big thing’ in a bid to drive coin drop and at the same time create a greater footfall and increase wet-sales for licensee’s according to Kirby.

He confirmed:“We have known from talking to customers over the last few years that affordability is key for UK operators and we’re delivering on that across our portfolio. However, footfall isn’t what it used to be and people are searching for ways to stand out and give customers what they want so accessibility plays a big part in this.”

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