Blueprint release Deal or No Deal on to Genie cabinet

Blueprint Machines, CLMS figures, Deal or No Deal, Genie cabinet
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Blueprint Machines is now offering the opportunity for all customers to upgrade their machines to the iconic Deal or No Deal (DOND) branded Game-pack housed in the Genie cabinet. Previously the Cat C 25 game compilation (which has a performance index currently at 124 percent according to CLMS figures) was only available on new Alpha Star machines.

The menu offers Deal or No Deal branded games such as Deal or No Deal Diamond Jackpots and Deal or No Deal What’s In Your Box together with Blueprint’s pedigree of pub-content that delivers titles including Luck Of The Irish Hot Slot, Monkey Business Gold and Worms.

“We have made the decision to allow customers the opportunity to obtain Deal or No Deal content without the need of purchasing a new Alpha Star cabinet. There are two options – the first being to purchase a used Genie cabinet with the content included and the second being a content upgrade. Both options form part of our commitment to ensure customers gain the opportunity to display the and gain from the very best in leading content. Blueprint has always set the bar with its market-leading King of Games Platinum and Titan Menus and this initiative delivers the next step in the Blueprint journey.

Our content has proven time and time again to grow the player base with its improved return to player and significant cashbox gains and the DOND Menu builds on this success, whilst maximising the potential of the UK’s favourite gaming licence,” said sales manager Gavin Wright.

“As always, our findings are backed up through extensive machine trials facilitated by Blueprint’s scrupulous data insights. We have demonstrated to the market that there is a significant uplift in both VTP and Cash box with good evidence to suggest that players are instantly drawn more so to the DOND themed games than seen before,” commented content manager James Lowe.

“The combination of slot style games and classic pub fruit machine style entertainment on this product appeals to a wide demographic of players. The DOND menu has performed extremely well from its debut and suggests new and exciting ways in which this market-leading brand can be presented,” he added.

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