Strength in depth: Genesis Games discuss ACOS

Genesis Games ACOS
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Hans Bierrum of Genesis Games was on hand at ACOS to assess the growth of digital gaming and the success a varied multi game menu can bring to venues.

There is strength in depth when it comes to digital games.The ability to offer a wide range of titles on a single machine has revolutionised the Cat C and B3 markets and boosted player engagements.

The mix of content is crucial to a machine’s success, commented Hans Bierrum of Genesis Games, a company that counts the field-proven Amarox and Grand Arc units within its portfolio.

“Personally I think with a multi game brand you always need a selection of titles. If you go out to America they might have one or two themed titles, be it Batman and such, very specific games. I personally believe there is no advantage in having a copy-righted game in this way.” said Bierrum.

Whilst some products may rely on a blockbuster licence to drive engagement the real onus of content creation is accessibility, he added.

“We are player based, it is all about what the player wants. Some of our biggest successes are fundamentally very simple games,but find a really strong customer base.If you look at some of the other games in the market there may well be more razzmatazz out there.”

The success of video slots in the market was not instantaneous but through hard work and innovation throughout the supply chain operators are realising the benefits such units can provide venues and doing so in ever increasing numbers.

“Sometimes I feel when video slots were first introduced some players were confused by them. Machines used to be just a single reel,but times have changed.Games can now offer up to 720 different win combinations and some players found this confusing,” said Bierrum.

“The onus for some is then to develop games that can appeal to simple or advanced players,we on the other hand try to appeal to both so the operator doesn’t need 20 machines in a row to appeal to a player, they can have one to five machines,but with the breadth of selection to appeal to the player.”

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