No better time and place: Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith discusses ACOS and market trends

Matthew Deith - Harry Levy - ACOS
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There are few better chances to assess market trends and plan for the year ahead than those presented at ACOS, comments Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith. And they certainly didn’t miss the opportunity.

Whilst parts of the UK are enjoying an Indian Summer, those at ACOS were already busy planning for the next one coming up in 2019. Harry Levy was at the show backed by its impressively broad portfolio as it looked to touch base with customers and friends alike to assess the last year and continue preparations for the next.

“ACOS was a good show, the best one so far, the location at Olympia works a lot better. It’s a really important show insomuch that it gives time and opportunity to speak to customers, see how the summer went well, what didn’t, and gives us an insight into how they are doing and what they may be planning going forward,” said commercial director Matthew Deith.

He added that both over the last summer and at the show there had been great interest in all corners of the company’s unit holding, from the Caterpillar pusher, to the Rainbow redemption unit all by way of cranes and shooters.

“Pushers have continued to do well throughout the season, customers are still investing heavily in redemption machines now that there is so many of them in the market.

“There are so many types of operators be it FECs, bowling alleys and such,we are always looking to expand our product range and our holding so that we can satisfy customer needs whatever they may be.”

Alongside this, the ability to start the ball rolling for next summer is an invaluable part of ACOS and as such Harry Levy not only had a selection of its proven performers on show, but a number of newer releases for customers to cast their eye over before the new year.

“Everyone is of course looking forward to next season, with more people staying at home and the price of the euro making it ever the more expensive to travel abroad it’s a good time to be planning ahead and trying to find that next star product,” said Deith.

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