GeWeTe respond to industry call for multifunctionality with upgraded Cash Recycler

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With GeWeTe marking 25 years of operation this year, the cash-handling firm struck a celebratory note at ACOS, teaming up with Blueprint and Betcom to showcase the wide range of UK-facing products distributed by the Gauselmann Group.

With an increased focus on cashless technologies and security functionality leading industry discussion at the event, GeWeTe took the opportunity to present the latest developments in its portfolio, including the additions to its popular Cash Recycler.

“What’s on show is just a small range out of our vast range of machines,”said sales manager Mark Edmundson.“But the Cash recycler remains the most common machine for the UK AGC operators.”

Presented this year with contact- less and chip and pin capability, membership system, bulk coin processing, ticket redemption and an integrated staff account programme, the machine demonstrates the positive market response to multifunctional cash-handling systems.

“UK operators tend to prefer the larger machines like the Cash Recycler as they have all they need in one place,”said Edmundson. “Having a multifunctional machine ensures ease of use, and keeps operator costs down.”

Alongside the Cash Recycler, GeWeTe presented its WGS 102 NT compact banknote and coin change machine, together with the Cash Centre Compact, WGS 170 and 300 and Cash Recycler Compact.

With over 60,000 product installations made worldwide during the company’s quarter of a century, Edmundson hailed an ongoing focus on security as one of the main reasons behind GeWeTe’s success.

“The security of our cabinets is the best in the market, and with the volume of cash increasing in change machines this has to be a major point to consider when purchasing equipment.”

Beside additionally showcasing its MARS data capture and TITO solutions, which serve over 170 AGC and FEC venues, GeWeTe also made sure to use its appearance at ACOS to assess the direction of the UK market, and its effect on product development.

“There are a lot of changes happening in our industry,” said Edmundson. “Having so many people and opinions in one venue for two days is a great way to assess this and obtain a wide range of information and opinions.”

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