Concept make One Big Ticket its one big focus at ACOS

Concept Games ACOS
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Concept returned to this year’s ACOS with its One Big Ticket system forming the company’s “main push” for the amusement market.

The retrofit system, which combines hundreds of redemption tokens into one thermal printed, barcoded ticket, has Jonathan Powell, seen several installations since its launch at EAG earlier in January.

“A large number of sites now use the system,” said technical manager Joshua Stayman. “They haven’t seen any drop in takes whatsoever, they’ve just seen what we thought it would do, which is save money.”

As well as cutting out the need for ticket eaters, One Big Ticket also reduces roll change time and significantly lessens storage and environmental concerns.

“With One Big Ticket I’d be surprised if a machine gets through two ticket rolls a year.”

Aside from other new additions to Concept’s range, including the simplified mechanic Cat C title Piggy Banker, released to engage new players in the pub game market, Concept also show- cased the possibilities of its Lumos system.

Designed to update well-established cabinets, Lumos allows Concept to make on-site visits to amusement venues and gaming centres to update machines with LED lighting features to increase customer appeal.

“We keep them looking amazing,” added Stayman. “We bring them into the new age, but keep that retro style.”

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