Bulldog set to build on record breaking year

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‘An awesome year which quite simply exceeded all of our expectations’, is how Peter Collinge, managing director of Bulldog Games, reflected on the success enjoyed by the industry’s newest redemption brand.

Launched by Novomatic UK at EAG 2018, the Bulldog range has reinforced its ‘Be amazed’ marketing campaign with 85 percent of Bulldog product in the top three highest performing games across the company’s customer base of coastal arcades, holiday parks, FECs and bowling centres.

Further success has been achieved outside the UK with the brand’s top videmption games, Ben Bones and Hamsters Ball, launched into the United Arab Emirates after a highly positive reception at DEAL. Another milestone has been passed with Bulldog’s contemporary approach to the redemption experience recently winning the approval of a market leading cruise operator.

Expanding on the Bulldog story Peter Collinge said: “Following the launch in London less than 12- months ago we have worked hard to build customer confidence and grow the Bulldog brand through a mix of exceptional product performance supported by a best in class level of support and after sales service. During R&D we invested a lot of time talking with FEC operators and listening to their advice and guidance. One of their key frustrations was machine downtime and because of this, it was very important to me to ensure the machines we manufactured were built to the highest possible standards of reliability and that if our customers experienced any problems that we moved extremely quickly to put things right. As a first step we took the key deci- sion to manufacture here in the UK, secondly our pushers come with a complete spares support kit including the PC, lamps, coin mech and a full set of machine glasses. Thirdly, we have invested in a dedicated service support team who provide technical assistance and a spares order line which operates 364 days a year on a 24 hour part turnaround. As a result of these measures any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.”

Looking ahead, he added: “EAG 2019 will see us showcase a number of new and exciting pushers and videmption games which have been success- fully site tested throughout the 2018 season. The team is focused on growing our presence both here in the UK and in overseas markets courtesy of new and exciting games that further enhance the Bulldog pedigree.”

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