RLMS point to Project’s single game B3 strategy

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The single game B3 format is very much alive and kicking, according to feedback from RLMS Sales.

The company, which distributes on behalf of Project, believes that demand for the Bonus Spins B3 confirms the importance of products that deliver a single game that’s presented in a simple format.

Chris Widdowson, key account manager at RLMS, said. “One of the things that Project does very well is to identify the commercial opportunity that exists by addressing key niche markets, and Bonus Spins is a prime example of that strategy in action.”

He continued: “Bonus Spins has been out for 14 weeks and has been a good, solid performer thanks to its ability to engage with players who want something different to a compendium. Providing real choice is of central importance and Bonus Spins delivers exactly that.”

Project managing director, Tony Boulton, is keen to stress that the simple play approach does not equate with a simplistic design. He explained: “Game design and visual design are two separate issues and we’ve worked very hard to create high play appeal through design. Our TS23 cabinet with its three screens and the use of a casino style fluo trim creates a visually strong profile on the games floor.

“For a significant section of the player base Bonus Spins, which has been enhanced with the addition of the wheel concept which gives players three, four or five spins with all wins added together, is travelling in the right direction and at the right speed.”

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