‘No-deal’ would hurt seaside resorts, claims Thornberry

Emily Thornberry
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Labour’s shadow foreign secretary has predicted that a ‘no- deal’ Brexit would hurt traditional seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Cleethorpes.

Last last week’s Labour Party conference, Emily Thornberry warned that a rise in inflation, as predicted by the Bank of England in the event of a‘no-deal’ scenario, would mean both tourists from abroad and staycationers would be put off spending their holiday money in the UK.

“Because [no deal] would have a chilling effect on the economy, first of all I think people would have to be tightening their belts and they wouldn’t have the money to spend on having breaks and having holidays,” Thornberry told the Grimsby Telegraph.

“The tourist industry is always sensitive to how people feel about what is going to happen and whether they will still have their job, or whether their partner will still have their job, and what will happen to the mortgage. Will the money be going up?

“Food prices going up will have a big effect on people’s feeling of fear. And this will be against the backdrop of people’s wages not going up with inflation for a very long period of time.

“So people will be feeling poorer because they are poorer – they’ve needed a pay rise and now they are facing Brexit and possibly a no deal.”

Thornberry’s spokesman added a ‘no-deal’ Brexit would “reverse” what happened after the Brexit vote, when the number of people staying in the UK to holiday increased due to the dip in the value of the pound.

“People will be put off doing staycations and put off coming here because it will represent a cheaper holiday to go abroad,” he stated.

Despite threatening to vote down Theresa May’s likely deal, Thornberry emphasised that Labour would take none of the blame in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

“They still can’t agree two years on,they are having basic disagreements,they are in government and you say this mess is our fault. Really?, ”she concluded. “We campaigned to remain, we did everything to remain but we lost that referendum and we lost the general election – we are the opposition. They are the ones in power. This is their fault.”

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