Equinox: SG push ahead with ‘dynamic and adaptable terminal range’

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The Equinox range of terminals from SG Gaming has been formed off the back of operator and player insights to create the best possible playing experience around.

SG Gaming’s latest product is the Equinox range. Using insights from customers and players, the business has developed a dynamic and adaptable terminal range that utilises the latest technology on offer.

Both the Equinox 2.4 and the Equinox 2.7 boast three 24”and 27”HD screens respectively and have been enhanced by a powerful directional sound system. Alongside this a newly developed, fully interactive 15.6”V-Deck+ button panel provides a larger interactive playing experience and a new integrated barcode reader offers the capability of scanning free bet rewards directly from a smartphone device.

Elevating the player experience, the V-Deck+ panel includes Privacy Mode – a unique industry innovation that allows discreet gameplay on selected titles from our extensive content library. The feature was introduced after extensive research,which identified a real desire amongst players to have enhanced privacy whilst playing in some retail environments. When activated, the mode minimises gameplay from the main screen onto the V- Deck+ panel at the touch of a button.

The modular design of the Equinox range also allows operators to customise their terminals for the first time by choosing a bezel finish including chrome and LED options. These options provide customers with a terminal that can be modified to meet the specific needs of different types of venues.

The Equinox range is designed for customers across all operational sectors, no matter the business size and provides a quality product for operators and an exciting and engaging experience for the player.

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