New Colchester AGC: Expanding seasonal staff opportunities

Sailor Boy Amusements, Colchester
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A new adult arcade in Colchester will provide summer personnel at Sailor Boy Amusements with year-round employment, says Masterson Leisure.

Expansion into the bespoke AGC market in Colchester will provide some seasonal staff at nearby amusements destination with year-round employment, according to one of its directors.

Scott and Nicola Masterson both help in heading up the family business Masterson Leisure, which in addition to running a healthy machine supply trade, has long operated Sailor Boy Amusements, a popular fun-park in St Osyth.

Alongside an indoor FEC and AGC area, Sailor Boy touts a variety of outdoor attractions – such as trampolines, bumper boats, and mini-golf.

But with inclement weather during the colder months leaving outdoor staff without task, the Mastersons have seen fit to enable trained employees to continue delivering entertainment services – and filed paperwork to open up what is set to be Colchester’s third dedicated AGC later this year.

“We have been considering this move for a few years,” Nicola Masterson told Coinslot. “With more seasonal staff looking for all-year-round jobs we wanted to be able to offer some the option, so the next step was to look at expanding.”

And with years of adult amusement experience in St Osyth under their belt – the family isn’t intimidated by the prospect of pulling together an entirely machine offering.

“We have a good understanding of what many customers look for which will hopefully help us in creating the right venue,” she continued. “We like to think out- side the box, and will be attending more industry events this year to ensure we are in the forefront of this business.”

Meanwhile, whilst most would find cause to celebrate the expansion of a small business, news of the Masterson’s upcoming arrival in Colchester has surprisingly encountered some pushback from local business spokesmen.

In July, director of policy at Essex Chambers of Commerce David Burch said that his institution “would encourage any business wanting to start up in Colchester, but would question whether this sort of business is the right thing to be in the town centre.”

At the time, observers, including, Coinslot was struck by the condescending tone of Burch’s remarks – particularly as he went on to add: “Whilst we are not denigrating people who use such operations, there could be potential for anti- social behaviour to develop if you have got those types of people around such areas.”

But make no mistake, the Masterson family have not been deterred by this passed its sell-by reception.

“These comments were by what we see as Trojan warriors who have no understanding of the industry whatsoever,” Nicola Masterson stated. “This is clearly illustrated by the fact that nobody actually put in a single objection to our project when offered the opportunity during the planning and licence application process.”

Stale objections or fresh entertainment options; Colchester will likely be taking a Masterson class.

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