99.75 percent uptime is key to ‘outstanding’ Bingo Express performance

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The bingo sector is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in its range of offering to the market. Among the innovators is Bingo Express which has recorded a pretty impressive uptime rate.

New data released by Bingo Express, the ground-breaking Ticket on Demand (ToD) bingo system, shows a near perfect record for reliability, a factor, which in part explains its cash box prowess.

Since hitting Britain’s high streets in 2011 the Bingo Express estate, currently across 80 venues, has registered an uptime of 99.75 percent, a figure that’s believed to represent a new industry record for reliability.

Owned by a co-operative of high street AGC and bingo club operators, Bingo Express has entertained players since 2011 with in excess of 1.3 million games of bingo paying out over £6m in the process.

Explaining the outstanding reliability, Andrew Ludlow, managing director of technology provider NRM, which won the competitive tender process to deliver the system, said: “We prefer to talk about uptime rather than downtime and the type of figures recorded by Bingo Express over more than a decade are nothing short of superb. Bingo Express is perfect for environments where staff are not bingo booksellers as the ToD system is extremely easy to operate making the process super efficient and freeing up staff to engage with their customers on the gaming floor.

“The systems and processes that the Bingo Express stakeholders have put in place, which include regular operator updates in order to monitor the needs and motivations of players, a forensic attention to detail and a commitment to move extremely quickly, have all contributed to the Bingo Express success story. I believe the system is now stronger than ever and key to that is the fact that the product is continually being enhanced with new technology, new game content and a sensitivity to the evolving tastes of the player base.”

Bingo Express, which has a maximum jackpot of £10,000, features 11 games including popular bingo sessions based on familiar Cash Bingo formats.

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