Multifunctional cash handling solutions

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This year has seen GeWeTe celebrate its 25th anniversary, a notable milestone for a company that now counts more than 60,000 installations of its high quality, secure and reliable cash handling solutions world wide.

GeWeTe has a considerable footprint in AGCs, FECs, betting offices and casinos, making it one of the largest manufacturers of cash handling solutions and in turn will be showcasing at ACOS to highlight this prominence.

Already counting one of the largest ranges of cash handling machines, the company has extended its portfolio with new models using a Linux based control system and 7” touch- screen technology, all housed in high security cabinets.

GeWeTe’s PC-based technology allows it to offer cash and cashless solutions with TITO capabilities already installed or to be implemented at a later date.The company also, through its partnerships,offers an electronic purse/membership systems for various applications and to date can connect to more than 40 different betting solution providers and multiple TITO systems.

The introduction and popularity of contactless and card transactions has now become a part of everyday life and GeWeTe has evolved in turn to incorporate relevant facilities into its solutions.

One main advantage of the GeWeTe range is the ability to have a multifunctional cash handling solution in one secure cabinet where the machines not only provides a standard cash in cash out service but can also be a redemption system, staff cash float dispenser and deposit system.

The security of the company’s cabinets are one of the best in the market and with the volume of cash increasing in change machines this has to be a major point to consider when purchasing such equipment.

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