Matching the pace of change with Playsafe Systems

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With the market evolving faster than ever before, the need for operators to future proof their business is a pressing one argues Ian Fuller, Playsafe Systems commercial director.

Coinslot: What products will you be highlighting at ACOS?

Ian Fuller: “At the show we will be highlighting our Quantum machine monitoring system, along with the Future Logic Ticket 2 Go TITO system, Thomas Paystation and Nayax cashless payment system.

“We will also be unveiling our With the market evolving faster than ever before, the need for operators to future proof their business is a pressing one argues Ian Fuller, Playsafe System Performance and Cashdesk systems. Performance allows operators to keep track of their businesses key data remotely, which is vital in today’s connected world. The Cashdesk system, which links into Quantum, secures all the cash on the operators floor. Cashdesk helps track all cash desk activities such as refills, hand pays, claims and refunds, and promotional spend.”

CS: What do you perceive as being the main talking points in London next week?

IF: “I believe the two main talking points will be the triennial announcement of a maximum £2 stake for B2 machines, with the industry still waiting for something to happen. And the other main talking point must be cashless payment technologies for gaming machines. It was reported only a few days ago that ATM’s are closing at a record rate. Free access to cash is becoming more and more difficult, and Britain is set to move beyond peak cash this year as people move to digital payments, so something has to be done for our industry.”

CS: You now have the perfect opportunity to assess performances over summer with your peers. What are you expecting to do?

IF: “ACOS is vitally important, given its timing just after the summer break.After a decent summer weather wise and reported increase in staycation figures, it will be interesting to see how positive operators are of the summer overall. For me ACOS was always about networking and a great place to catch up on the latest gossip. However it is now growing into a must attend show, where serious amounts of business can be done, whilst still remaining a great place to hear what’s new on the grapevine.”

CS: You were recently appointed as commercial director for Playsafe Systems, what was it that made the company stand out?

IF: “There is no doubt that the modern gaming and leisure operator is seeking real-time data about their businesses that can help them maximise their returns. The Playsafe suite of systems, networked to a wide variety of world-class hardware, is providing powerful machine and player data that can help a business really understand how to maximise its performance, plus drive growth and profits. I’m really excited about the opportunities going forward in this new role.”

CS: How has business been this year and looking ahead to the remainder of 2018/19?

IF: “We are currently having a fantastic year.Customers have been extremely keen to engage and start their system journey with us,including Machine Monitoring, TITO , Loyalty, Redemption, Thomas Paystations and cashless payment technologies like Nayax. Also Q3 of 2018 has seen a significant development in TITO, whereby the Future Logic Ticket2Go system can now be setup to provide tickets for Inspired Storm and SG VBTerminals.”

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