Rise of payment technology to feature heavily at ACOS

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GeWeTe’s UK and Ireland sales manager Mark Edmundson talks expo timing and the importance of finding that important touch point for the industry ahead of the new year.

Coinslot: In broader terms, how have you assessed the summer season?

Mark Edmundson: “This year has been unusual with the weather being so good for such a long period, allowing people to plan days out and holidays, and judging by the traffic on roads and talking to coastal operators it has been a good summer season for them.

“With the poor Euro exchange rate I am sure this has also had an impact on people’s decisions not to travel outside of the UK helping the UK economy and all operators.”

CS: What products will you be highlighting at ACOS?

ME: “With probably one of the most comprehensive range of cash handling solutions world wide we will have a sample of the range on stand 168, the most popular model remains our Cash Recycler, which this year will include contactless/chip and pin, membership system, ticket out, including promotional ticket, bulk coin, staff account function and many more features.
We will also have our WGS 102 NT a compact banknote and coin change machine together with the Cash Centre Compact, WGS 170 and 300 and Cash Recycler Compact plus some new exciting models for the pub sector. “We will also have our MARS data capture and TITO solution running on the stand offering a one stop shop and with over 170 venues and thousands of machines already connected to MARS it is proving to be a vital tool to operators big and small.”

CS: What do you perceive as being the main talking points at Olympia next week?

ME:“For GeWeTe customers visiting the show I believe it will be TITO, contactless/debit cards, promotional tickets and tokens plus increased staff and on site cash security that will be the main topics for discussion this year.”

CS: You have the perfect opportunity to assemble your forces and assess the summer season next week. What’s on your agenda?

ME: “ACOS has become a major UK show for GeWeTe and again this year we will teaming up with our colleagues from Blueprint and Betcom to promote a wide range of products and services from the Gauselmann Group. Whilst we strive to liaise with customers throughout the year, the show allows us all to obtain vital feedback from our customers from the past season and discuss their requirements for the forth- coming year. With GeWeTe having everything in-house we are able to adapt or generate new features, or models to meet these requirements and have them ready for EAG and ICE.”

CS: Networking is playing a major role in London next week. Is this going to be a major emphasis for you?

ME: “Networking is a vital part to any business and ACOS gives us a great opportunity to share information in a relaxed setting and showcase new models and features.There are a lot of changes happening in our industry and having so many people and opinions in one venue for two days is a great way to assess this and obtain a wide range of information and opinions.”

CS: Do you feel the change of venue bodes well for the show going forward?

ME: “Last year was a bit hectic to say the least with the last minute change of venue and hats off to the organisers for doing a great job and we had a great show. I believe this year will be even better with more time to organise things and it has also allowed us to increase the stand area compared to Chelsea, which was at capacity.”

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