Betcom: Kicking on from an encouraging summer

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Coinslot spoke to Betcom managing director Simon McCarthy about the company’s successes to date and plans going forward.

Coinslot: How important is ACOS as a chance to assess performances from summer?

Simon McCarthy: “As new entrants into the AGC/FEC market sector we find the timing of the ACOS imperative to analyse performance and discuss the overall summer business with our customer base.In addition,this helps us to prepare for our pre-Christmas sales opportunities.”

CS: Is the show’s networking-conducive environment key to this?

SMC:“The relatively small size of ACOS makes it particularly useful for networking and we see it as a key show to talk to our customers.”

CS: In broader terms, how have you assessed the summer season?

SMC: “We know that the summer season has been good from speaking to our customers. It has been especially encouraging for us as we had started the roll out of the Luck Of The Irish, Over The Rainbow multiplayer and to see volume performance figures across a range of retail outlets has been very encouraging, culminating in full production runs leading up to christmas.”

CS: What products will you be highlighting at ACOS?

SMC: “We will be showing Luck of The Irish Over the Rainbow of course and three Category C hi-tech analogue machines, King Kong Cash, which is our current model, El Jackpo to and Wish Upon a Jackpot, which are due for release at Christmas. In addition, we will be showing our new in-fill.”

CS: What do you perceive as being the main talking points at the show, and if so why?

SMC: “I would like to think the product will do the talking at the show! We use the opportunity to really catch up with our customers and use their feedback to inform future development and what we will then show at EAG.”

CS: Following last year’s change in venue, how will you be making the most of the new space? Do you feel the new location bodes well going forward?

SMC: “We are very happy with the location at Olympia and with the show in general.”

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