Genesis Games: Success for all seasons

Steve Bierrum
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Steve Bierrum, director at Genesis Games, sees promotional opportunities ahead in Olympia and the good health of the multi game market.

Whilst ACOS is a timely opportunity for many to look back and discuss the summer,for those not explicitly tied to seasonality it represents an important opportunity to keep driving business forward even as the days get shorter.

Steve Bierrum, director at Genesis Games, knows this as well as anyone in the industry, commenting, “our business is not really seasonal, so ACOS is more an opportunity to meet up with customers and promote our products”.

He went on to add that the more personal scale of the show is of great importance in terms of fostering an environment that is particularly conducive to high quality networking engagements. Unlike many facets of the UK coin op industry, success at Genesis is not intrinsically linked to a strong summer,although performances in the period were particularly positive for the company.

“Our business is not seasonal. However despite the World Cup, and the very long hot summer, income stayed constant. In fact in someAGCs, income was up.”
At Olympia next week, Genesis will have a collection of its latest B3 and Cat C multi game platforms, notably including the new Amarox C24,the latest member of the Amatic cabinet family.

Regarding the the most pertinent talking points in the industry, Bierrum echoed many on the state of the FOBT stake implementation: “The topics would depend on which part of the industry one is in. From our perspective the ongoing opacity regarding the B2 time scale for the proposed changes will generate discussion.”

The last minute venue change to the Kensington Olympia in 2017 bodes well for ACOS going forward with the extra room it affords,however, such would be inconsequential without similar growth of the industry itself commented Bierrum.

“An exhibition venue location is largely irrelevant,providing it allows for easy access for our customers and suppliers. Without being London ‘centric’ the traditional Preview/ACOS locations, Novotel, Chelsea, Olympia were all good. They ticked a lot of boxes that make for a successful expo. Going forward this will continue, although the success depends on the health of our industry.”

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